Teacher Training of Yin Yoga

I’m taking a teacher training of Yin Yoga, it was started from this month.

I was supposed to join this training in Bali this December but it was canceled due to the Covid. But the organizer decided to do it online, so I can learn new style of Yoga as a plan. 🙂

The teacher is Joe Barnett, who is an American and has been a long time senior assistant to Paul Grilley, a pioneer of Yin Yoga. I mentioned about him on this article before.

I joined his workshop 1 year ago, it was first experience to do Yin Yoga for me. I found that is what I need and was into it right away! Such an amazing memory….

The training starts 7:00am every weekend so I have to wake up earlier than usual. My morning daily routines during the training are drinking hot water, practicing yoga and breath work. After that, have a cup of almond milk instead of breakfast.

The training is VERY interesting for me. Basically I’m a just Yoga geek. That’s why just learning and doing Yoga always makes me happy and calm.

In Yin Yoga, we hold one pose from 3-5 minutes. It is longer than normal yoga but to hold the pose for a long time works deep inside our body. Sometimes I almost fall asleep because of waking up so early and float the surface of dream.

I can see something images or something the scene of memories… but I don’t care for now just I focus on being here.

Probably the more I learn Yin Yoga, the more I will be healed not only body also mind and energy.

I’m super excited about this yoga journey.

I hope I will be better as a teacher and human being and I’d like to share with you guys a lot of yoga staff. 🙂

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