Yoga and Breathing

I’m planning to post a yoga video once a month starting this month. That’s why I would like to share some useful ideas when you do yoga. Today, I will write down my thoughts on breathing when doing yoga.

There is a deep relationship between yoga and breathing. Actually, traditional yoga practice includes breathwork called “pranayama”.

But for beginners, “perfect breathing” means breathing naturally and comfortably. This is fine as long as you keep on breathing!

If you continue to focus on “perfect” breathing, you will keep thinking about it and monitoring it throughout the yoga class. The more active your mind is, the less conscious you are of your body. So I think it is enough that you breathe naturally and comfortably during a class, even if it is not “perfect” breathing.

But you might say “ I want to try to breathe yoga-ish!”.

Well, I will recommend the simplest breath work that anyone can do.

This is “sama bliddi.” which is one of the most basic breath works. Sama means same, blidi means breath. Usually, we unconsciously breathe in irregular rhythms. 

In sama bliddi, you exhale for as long as you inhale. You also inhale for as long as you exhale.

You can adjust your breath wave by calming down. Your mind condition affects your breath wave. A steady breath calms your mind.

At first, your mind may be bustling. But, it’s okay! Don’t be nervous. You will get used to breathing like this soon. As your breathing stabilizes, you will find that your mind starts to settle down.

I also recommend doing that in a train, or during break time in an office. Of course in yoga class, forward bend poses are suitable for trying sama-bliddi. It is because in those poses, it is easy to feel inside of yourself.

This breathwork will give you a peaceful time. Take it easy and just do it J

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