Gifts that yoga practice brings

Originally I had no patience, I was a tired child.

However, doing yoga, taught me the power of continuing to practice.

For better or worse, “daily customs ” make you, well, you.

What you are thinking about appears in your behavior and relationships with people.

And that will make the world you live in.

I strongly believe that everyone lives in their respective worlds.

It’s because you reflect my atmosphere as soon as you show up in front of me.

Words and actions you emit too. Of course, unconsciously.

So, after all, I noticed that “I can only recognize the world through myself”.

I want to make my body and spirit of this material dimension as clean as possible.

However, the act of deconstructing my ego seemed stupid.

I guessed I would become a boring person.

But I noticed even if I deconstruct my ego, I cannot delete my personality.

“The truth has contradictory aspects”, Timothy Freak, a philosopher and scientist, said in his book.

I think that is true.

Through practice of asana, I corrected the habits of my body, removed the strain, and aimed at the common truth to all things.

And the radiance of my heart will be revealed at the end of the mental and physical purification.

What happens in daily practice of yoga is a slight change.

For that reason, few people can keep on practicing.

Some people ask me “Do you have any meaning to practice?”.

However, small changes add up, not only in our bodies but in our minds as well.

Now I can believe many things I could not believe when I was a child.

“Even so, everything is steadily changing towards a good direction”.

Because I have experienced such changes through the practice of yoga.

Even when it seems that there is no movement, it continues to change in unseen ways.

So I want to give back to yoga itself and its history by teaching yoga.

And I wish I could light the light in someone’s heart.

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