Accumulate small changes

I feel happy when I see the improvements of my students in my yoga class.

Ms. K is not good at Revolved side angle pose. She has never tried it in my class. When I glanced at her the other day, she did the pose. No way!

I was surprised and wondered “When was she able to do that?”.

When I asked her after the class, she said “That was my first experience! I don’t know why, but I felt I was able to do that today. Then I tried it, it was successful!”.

I was really glad because she looked so happy!

If you are Yogi, you may meet on some obstacles as you keep practicing yoga. For example, you might have a yen for amazing poses like you see on SNS. Actually whether you can do that or not, it depends on your physical shape and exercise experience.

But please remember what I say from now. As you deepen your practice, your body change over time. The bones will be stronger, the muscle will be more flexible, and the range of motion of the joints will expand than before. 

And at one point, there is a moment that you think “I might be able to do it now” for a pose you was not good at. At that time you should follow your intuition blindly. It will be a good practice to act without thinking! Even if you find it a bit difficult at first, it will become easier with practice.

Try it, and you can do it! With an accumulating experience like this, your body and mind will grow steadily. Habits makes a second nature. 


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