Balance the Yin and Yang

I have been busy, but finally I can breathe again. This week I met some of my friends, and I had a wonderful relaxing time. I tend to be busy against my will, like a keeping step on the accelerator. It is important to keep in mind “rest” in daily life. It helps to balance the Yin and Yang.

Our mind and body are also considered to be made up of opposite nature (It’s dualism). 

Sun and Moon.

Activity and Rest.

Men and Women    etc.

It is exactly opposite, but it will never be able to be divided. By combining the two, you can make a circle.  Harmonizing the Yin and Yang will help us to have a peace on our mind and body.

When I am busy, it is based on the Yang side. What I do is take it slow, take a deep breath and keep the pose a little longer to balance my life. Now this is the Yin side.

Here are my pose recommendation to have the best relaxation.

●Child’s pose/Balasana

●Pearl pose/Kurmasana

●Forward bend of pigeon pose

●Happy baby pose

●Lay on your back on corpse pose

●Viparita Karani

●Tread the needle pose

Whatever the pose you chose is okay, as long as you feel calm and comfortable. If you can’t do the suggested pose, try a simple yoga in your house. Just sit down, calm yourself, close your eyes and think of a happy memory:)

Spring is coming soon! There are many people who are in the midst of change. Please take good care of yourself, stay happy and healthy!

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