Integrating behavior with mind

“What you say” reflects “What you think”.

In turn, “What you think” also affects “What you do”.

When thinking and behavior don’t match, you will feel tired. 

If our thinking and behavior are integrated, we will be filled with energy.

In yoga philosophy, Satya = “truth, being honest” is one of the important teachings to keep our mind calm.

B.K.S.Iyengar once said in “Light on Yoga”, Satya means that thought and behavior is truth completely.

But, I know, it’s sometimes difficult to be honest to our inner voice.

We easily lie to ourselves.

So we often need to stop to hear the voice of our hearts. 

Integrating behavior with mind.

We sometimes have to make a painful choice.

“Quitting something” requires more energy than “starting something”.

But if you have some choices, you can choose whatever you like.

Your choice is always right. There is no exception.

If you choose honestly in your true mind, you will be close to true happiness.

It may be a small step, but absolutely pay off.

I always believe that.

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