Rainy season.

Hi, guys! It’s been a while from last post. I’m doing great and working hard as well. 🙂

In Japan, it’s in rainy season right now. Past one week, almost it was raining every day. Park yoga session I do in a park were canceled three times.

I miss the park, sunshine and beautiful nature such as the sound of the birds, swinging flowers and leaf, and calm wind.

By the way, I tried vegan burger the other day.

I ordered beaf-ball burger, but of course this meat balls weren’t made from actual beaf. I guess it was soy meat but probably other stuff as well.

It was so tasty. Also I found after the meal, my condition was really good. My stomach was very calm…. (I can’t find the word that fits this feeling though.)

I’m interested in soy meat, so I tried another soy meat burger yesterday. You can eat it at Dotour, which is a popular coffee shop in Japan.

I’m wondering how will my body and mind change to have vegan / vegetarian foods….

I got vegan karaage (Japanese fried chicken) from my student, so I will be able to enjoy vegan-ish life at my place. 🙂

Thanks for reading. See you again soon!

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