Not to take away for others

It has been two years since I quit being an office worker. Along with expanding my work more than before, I am more energetic.

Since I became a freelancer, Mindset about work has changed. One such thing is, not to take away other’s work.

This change was sparked by a friend’s words which were “You look good right now. But getting a job offer, you should always keep in mind. The job might be got by someone else.”.

I mean, the work could be others if I were not here. It is definitely true. But it was a shocking realization because I had never thought anything like it before.

And another thing, when I talked about making a living as a yoga teacher with my friend, she said “Some people think that those who are devoted to being a yoga teacher, and that can do other jobs, like you, should not teach yoga. Because yoga teachers are increasing lately, everyone is locked in fierce competition.”.

I was shocked again because I have never thought anything like it before too!

I believe the truth in the universe is “All things are infinite”. But I feel fairy sure that some things are limited, speaking from the perspective of the material dimension. For example in terms of the number of publications and the number of articles, in terms of the number of studio, these are limited.

The words were so impressive that I had a different option than before. If I couldn’t bring passion into a job, I denied an offer. If I wouldn’t want to do that much, I let someone else take the it.

If it becomes difficult to accept offer from client, I try to introduce it to others who are interested in the work. I think it is very important to keep passing on the good fortune like this.

Not to monopolize is precious thing. This is kind of “Aparigraha” in Yoga philosophy.

Parigraha means “to collect” and “to store”. That’s why “Aparigraha” means what is not to obsess over. (ommition) You should not collect what you don’t need and store it so that you should not get something really not necessary.
—–『Light on Yoga』B・K・S・Iyenger

I hope to do a lot of work with many people from now.

And I hope more people will grow in wealth in own life!

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