Be well.

Hi! I’m Megumi. How are you doing today?

Somehow I’ve been busy as always but also I have much more free time than usual. So I can enjoy reading a book, writing something and watching fun videos and movies… luckily still I’m teaching Yoga online or sometimes having an individual class in a park.

So I’m really good condition but if this difficult situation continue such a long time, I don’t know still I’m fine or not. ?

Anyway, I want to share with you my new English yoga video today!

It’s just 10-minute practice of meditation and yoga. Recently so many people are suffering from anxiety and tiredness. I hope this simple guided meditation will help relieve your tension from your mind.

We shot this video near the river in Nagano, Japan. So you can enjoy natural sound of the stream, definitely it will make you calm.?

Break time during work, before going to bed……you can do this program whenever you need the inner silence. Enjoy. ?

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