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9/10 Cooking Instalive!

English below!
今年のお月見は9/10(土)というわけで、一日遅れですが9/11(日)16:30からクッキングインスタライブを行います✨お月見団子? と、団子によく合うみたらしソースを作って、日本の秋をお祝いしましょう?

One of the popular Japanese customs, otsukimi (Tsuki = Moon, Mi = Viewing in Japanese) is coming soon! This time, we will make rice dumplings which are called tsukimi-dango and represents the full-moon ?, and will also introduce mitarashi sauce, it goes well with dango!
This instalive will be held at 4:30pm on 11th September. The instructions will be in English and Japanese so you will be able to learn languages as well. We hope all of you enjoy! ?

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